10 paid apps you can download for free right now #1

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Best Android Apps That Are Free Now

Xocolat – Icon Pack

The development of smartphones is constantly moving forward, and with it, the interest of users to personalize their appearance, for example, is also developing. The Xocolat – Icon Pack app will help you do this, using new icons to bring any device to life. In total, you’ll find more than 1,250 of them in the pack. The author states that you can always request the creation and addition of a missing icon, but the last update was a few years ago. Either way, these are nice icons that will playfully decorate your home screen.

Xocolat – Icon Pack is available for download on Google Play (link)


Colonies PRO

Mobile games offer a great way to keep yourself entertained quickly when boredom hits. One such game is Colonies PRO, which also engages logical thinking. Your goal is to connect as many dots as possible that have the same colour and, in later levels, shape. There are 3 different difficulty levels to choose from, and you can then compare your final score in a global leaderboard. The app contains no ads or microtransactions and works without internet.

Colonies PRO is available for download on Google Play (link)

Colonies pro app

Word Resume Creator Pro

Creating a quality resume is absolutely crucial these days if you want to successfully get a job. Thanks to Word Resume Creator Pro, you can handle the whole thing in peace with just your phone. More than 10 different templates are waiting for you in the app, which you can also edit further thanks to the option to export them in a Word document. But basically, you just need to fill in your profile, select one of the templates and the CV will generate itself.

Word Resume Creator Pro is available for download on Google Play (link)

Word resume creator pro app

Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2

If you like to be scared, we have something just for you. The horror game Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2 will take you to a mysterious mental hospital where you will investigate the death of a friend because the police refuse to deal with it. After a while, you find out that strange things are happening in the hospital, so naturally you go on the run. However, this will be many times more difficult than getting into a mental hospital. Can you save yourself and overcome the many pitfalls on the way out?

Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2 is available for download on Google Play (link)

Mental hospital eastern bloc 2 app

Pyramids VR Roller Coaster

Interested in history and technology at the same time? With the Pyramids VR Roller Coaster app, you can easily combine both hobbies. With this game, you can experience a unique roller coaster ride in a scenery reminiscent of ancient Egypt. For example, you’ll see the world-famous Sphinx or the Egyptian pyramids. All this in virtual reality, with just your phone and a cardboard VR lens. Don’t wait for anything and go on a journey into history!

Pyramids VR Roller Coaster is available for download on Google Play (link)
Pyramids vr rollern coaster app

Pyramids vr rollern coaster app

The best iPhone apps that are free right now
Sava App

Do you go out to the club and socialise often? Then the Sava App could come in handy, providing a great solution to those awkward situations when you don’t feel comfortable and would like to go away. At the touch of a button, you’ll get a fake phone call or text message that’s easy to make excuses for. Besides, there is also a button in the app that contacts the police directly in an extreme emergency. So this is a modern security guarantee that you should definitely not miss.

Sava App is available for download on the Apple App Store (link)

Sava app

DobbyxEscape: Adventure Story

If you enjoy story games with nice graphics, you should definitely try DobbyxEscape: Adventure Story. A certain Tommy has wanted to become a pirate since he was a little boy, and with a little magic he manages to do just that. Join him on an adventurous journey, where he meets the legendary pirate Blackbeard. In addition, there is a Halloween adventure in the app. Within the stories, you’ll explore a bunch of interesting locations and uncover long-forgotten secrets. So what are you waiting for?

DobbyxEscape: Adventure Story is available for download on the Apple App Store (link)
Dobbyxescape adventure story app

Dobbyxescape adventure story app


Did you take a photo but there was a stranger or some inappropriate thing in it? Welcome the Pixelizator app, which allows you to easily delete the unwanted part of the photo. You can easily select or edit the specific place where the effect is applied. In addition to its censoring uses, the app can also be used to create retro photos and artwork. The dice are in fact in 8-bit style, which first appeared in computer architecture in the 1970s.

Pixelizator is available for download on the Apple App Store (link)
Pixelizator app

Pixelizator app

Scanner Pro – OCR Text Scanner

Even though we are in a fully digital age, we still use paper and various forms or documents in physical form. However, it may happen that you need to convert them, for example, to a computer or other device. Without a scanner, this might be difficult unless you have an application like Scanner Pro – OCR Text Scanner. With it, you can scan any document with a single click, and you can also edit it in the app using filters to improve its readability.

Scanner Pro – OCR Text Scanner is available for download on the Apple App Store (link)
Scanner pro ocr text scanner app

Scanner pro ocr text scanner app

Hexa Puzzle Games

Are you a fan of unpretentious games that chase away boredom? The Hexa Puzzle Games app is a great choice because they combine nice graphics with simple gameplay. The goal is to destroy balls, for which you get a score. You achieve this by connecting balls that have the same design. However, some of them are special and bring different useful abilities. Among other things, the game is optimized for retina displays, which should guarantee an even nicer and more comfortable experience.

Hexa Puzzle Games is available for download on the Apple App Store (link)

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