These countries in Africa offer freelance visas

The development of technologies and machines and the advent of social networks make up a set of aspects that facilitate the work of the freelancer, are these favourable conditions for this professional. As a way to minimize unemployment, in particular, the youth who struggle with this issue daily, a way to change the scenario of crisis and instability has been developed, creating new ways of entrepreneurship and having a profession to ensure their livelihood and a monthly income.

The areas of: communication, advertising, marketing and technology are those that offer the most opportunities. For these professionals networking is essential to maintain a network of contacts in the area, to exchange information, experiences and opportunities. 

What is a freelancer or digital nomad visa?

A professional who operates in remote work, due to his constant displacement, needs a “special” visa that allows him to travel and work, however, the activity of a digital nomad does not fit into the type of visas that already exist, such as the visa for tourism, to study and to work.

In this sense, a way of reversing this situation was created – a visa for digital nomads. There are still few countries that issue this type of visa.

Therefore, the freelancer visa is the one that allows the holder to easily stay in a certain country to carry out his activities.

African countries issuing visas for freelancers   


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Mauritius, a small island nation off the coast of Madagascar, has recently announced that it will issue a premium online visa for freelance digital nomads, allowing successful applicants a renewable one year stay on the island.

Any individual is free to apply for the visa. Once granted the visa, the applicant will receive an email with the necessary documents for their arrival, which have generally been:

·Valid passport;

·copy of airline ticket (including return ticket);

·a photo;

·an email address;

·travel and health insurance for the period of stay;

·proof of funds (bank statement or bank certificate)

·the applicant must also prove that they are self-employed.


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Cape Verde is an African Island located along the coast of Senegal and Mauritania, with a good climate and beautiful beaches, an emerging economy and attractive for tourism.

For a freelancer to obtain a visa for Cape Verde, they must go through two stages during the application process as many countries do, the requirement to present many of the documents on arrival and at the end of the arrival process, the candidate must present documents suchas:


·Health insurance;

·A clean criminal record;

·Proof of accommodation;

·A minimum bank balance of one thousand five hundred euros and the visa fee.


These countries in Africa offer freelance visas

This African country offers great opportunities for freelancers, an extremely competitive, robust market and a growing economy. Currently there is no such thing as a freelance visa but South Africa is looking into a remote working visa.

Regarding the cost of acquiring visas it is necessary that each interested party approaches the consulate or embassy to find out how to proceed according to their condition.



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The beautiful African archipelago has joined the list with its Seychelles work program, the requirements are:

·Valid passport;

·Provide documents proving to be an employee or owner of a company;

·Proof of income and12-month health insurance;

·Proof of accommodation;

Max length of stay: 1 Year

Taxes: No local income tax

Visa Cost: US$55

Internet Speed:37 Mbps

The system for issuing visas for digital nomads is not yet global due to the specifics of each country. The countries above are some of the countries where this type of visa can be obtained in Africa.

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