Learn this and make money by walking

Learn this and make money by walking

The ease with which you can make money on the platform is huge, so much so that millions of people are now running to this new way of making money.new way of making money.

Discover the new way to make money by walking

Anyone can earn money by installing the Sweatcoin app on their android or IOS, taking a walk with their dog, walking around the neighbourhood or going about their normal day, i.e. the more steps the user takes, the more money they earn, and they don’t need to invest in anything initially, just install the app and walk away.

How does Sweatcoin work?

Sweatcoin works with Google Fit and similar services to synchronise its users’ data.
For every 1000 steps taken the user receives 1 sweatcoin, a currency that can be converted into goods, cards to pay for apps on Ios, Android, products on Amazon and via Paypal, the latter two being rarer, so much so that due to this problem the company decided to create its own cryptocurrency called Sweatcoin, which will be launched soon. Like bitcoin, Sweat will be able to be converted into dollars.

The main Sweatcoin Cashout methods

Sweatcoin can be mined in two ways.

  1. Market

Buying physical or virtual goods available on the platform (vary according to each country). The user withdraws from the platform the equivalent of his sweatcoins. Premium subscribers have an advantage, as they withdraw twice as much. Note that this marketplace is within the Sweatcoin app itself.

1.1 Purchases from Android and iOS app shops
The user can make purchases in the app shops on their device.

1.2 Gift Card
In the app marketplace there are close challenges where there are various prizes, the most common are vouchers and giftcards from various companies, among them Netflix, Adidas and Amazon.

1.3 Auctions
The user can extract their sweatcoins by participating in auctions arising on the platform, where they are usually for charitable purposes.

  1. Donation
    On the platform there is the possibility to donate sweatcoins to charity organisations, there are also challenges of a beneficent character, following the app’s culture.

How to convert SWEAT into cash?

To convert Sweat into cash one has to sell the sweatcoins to a third party and when paid via Paypal, the user can either use them directly or send them to their bank account.

Download the app here.

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