How to download videos from YouTube?

How to download videos from YouTube?
Are you looking for easy ways to download YouTube videos?
We bring you three very convenient options right away, each of them takes just a few seconds.

Do you like a video and would you like to save it? Or are you just a video maker who needs some illustrative footage for your work? Then you’ve definitely been looking for a way to easily download YouTube videos. There are countless tutorials on the internet, but a lot of them rely on programs that you have to download. It’s a lengthy and inefficient solution – we’re bringing you three ways to achieve the same result in seconds.

How do you download videos from YouTube?

Skip downloading various programs to your computer right away. It may be a functional solution, but it is unnecessarily complicated. It is much easier to use third-party services that can be activated by simply modifying the URL. Let’s say you want to download a video that has the address ““.

How to download videos from YouTube?

For a successful download, all you have to do is change the address slightly to point to the domain of the service that is directly involved in downloading from YouTube. Either put the letters “SSbeforeyoutube” or “PP” or “5Safteryoutube“. Then the URL will look like this.

Examples of how the URLs will look like

How to download videos from YouTube?

What services do you use to download YouTube videos?

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