Has your computer been infected with a virus?

Has your computer been infected with a virus?

Computers infected with viruses or malware can cause strange device behaviour leading to a breach of your privacy and security. But what is the defence? Installing and routinely updating antivirus software can prevent such virus and malware attacks.

Some of the most common threats to all devices and networks include:

  • Computer viruses – which, are designed to attack your system. They spread through shared links, uploaded, and downloaded files or compromised websites;
  • Worms – these are like viruses but do not need human help to spread. They are programmed to move spontaneously around computer networks;
  • Adware, spyware and ransomware – these are designed to monitor online activity and collect data which they then steal.

If your computer is infected by one or more of the above threats then there are many consequences, including – loss of performance of your device or loss of functionality, in extreme cases a virus can degrade your computer’s performance so severely that it is no longer usable. There is also the risk of information loss associated with the deletion of stored files and data, or the destruction of the entire hard drive. The most feared threat is the invasion of privacy leading to identity theft or financial loss.
So how do you know if your computer is infected and how do you deal with these viruses? Below, we’ve compiled 10 signs of an infection on the electronic devices you use and preventive actions to protect you from viruses.



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