Earn Money Online: 2024 Digital Marketing Guide

Earn Money Online: 2024 Digital Marketing Guide

No matter in which you actually work, you can make money with digital marketing today!


What you will need is simple, a computer, and great Internet connection.
In this article we will discuss about digital marketing. Indeed, you have tens of options to make money online, but here I will show you 5 steps to do it with digital marketing
To make money with digital marketing you will have to follow 5 simple steps that will take you from nowhere to anywhere you wish.

Define your target

In marketing, target is the collective of people with the same main characteristics as customers.

As marketing is about strategy to sell better, digital marketing is about the strategy to sell better on the Internet, the novelty on it is the addition of the digital world.

To start making money you’ll have to define and understand your target. Because your work will have to be dedicated to it. Your target will be your primary resource of money.

In the first place you don’t need to think about HOW, but WHY. Why is this target a great option? Why should I analyze them? And more. ‘How’ questions confuse people at the beginning, because they don’t bring action. You want to make money with something that will be good, that’s why you’re still reading this.

Know your market

Understanding your market means that you’ll have to be aware of your customers behaviors, their problems, and desires. Why that? Because you’ll sell something that they’ll see value in. Your goal is to solve their problems, and let it clear to them. Customers don’t like sellers, but they love to buy. There are many strategies to engage with clients, but you can only use them if you attracted some people to your business. And to do this, you’ll need to choose how you will show your work, in the next step.

Many people make money with digital marketing, but few have success doing so. There are thousands of high-quality products to sell, but that doesn’t mean that people buy it. People love brands.

Knowing your market, you’ll know with whom you’ll have to build a relation online.

Show your intentions to the customer

If you want to be known on the internet, you’ll have to pay for it. You can pay with your money, or time.

Imagine two children, one with a toy car, and a lonely and a bit sad another, the first one can solve this problem by inviting the second to enjoy in a trip with the toy. They play together, and its probable that after the trip, the second wants to enjoy in more trips with the first child, and become friends. That’s engagement!

As the first child, you’re willing to take part of someone’s problem as yours, they have to see in that way. You’ll appear to the customer as a friend, differently from many people who roughly want to appear as a hero. Being a friend, you win the customer’s trust. With this you can sell anything, at any price, without any complication, because you’re trusted.

Choose how to pay to get noticed

You choose in between time and money. That means that you can pay money to generate a list of prospects, or create a way to engage with your target. See the different ways:

  • Paying with money: You’ll use tools like Facebook ads and Google ads to show up your solution to a specific problem. See how. In that way you reach and sell more in less time. But only if you do things in a specific way. The marketer way.

  • Paying with time: You’ll use tools like a Facebook page, a website, and a YouTube channel to create content and get noticed by your target audience. You start building a strong reputation, then you sell your products. This strategy is more used by those who want to be leaders in certain niches or subniches.

There is no perfect way to start, if you have some money to invest, start with ads campaigns to reach more in less. No budget? Don’t worry, start by building your reputation. Just don’t stop.

Choose how to act

In this step you choose how you will sell. There are two main characters in this scene, the owner and the affiliate of the product.

  • Owner/Producer: This is responsible for every single aspect of the product; he is the creator. If anything happens with the customer, he is the responsible to take notes, improve the product quality, and solve the client’s problem, of course.

  • Affiliate: This is responsible for selling the product. He makes money by selling the product and earning commissions in each sale. This is a great way to start in digital marketing. As an affiliate, one’s responsibility is to make sure someone will buy the product.

More about to make money with digital marketing

Digital marketing is not something out of our common perception, that is not for people with background in technology or marketing, that’s open to everyone. In school you study that there’s a limit in achievement, that you can only be in a specific range. Digital marketing is about to choose how many you’re capable of making. That’s about freedom, and you’re not thought that in schools, that’s why articles like this exist. To show you a world in which you can choose how to act. More than making money, this is about a lifestyle. You can easily know yourself by getting rich, because you’ll have time to think more about you and less about taxes and many other stuff.


If you are reading this, you are a winner. Not everyone could reach this long. I prepared a list with 10 platforms for you to make money with digital marketing. Start today, it’s free to sign up.

Just get started. You’ll be expert on the way.

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  1. RayTech

    Great article! I found your insights on making money with digital marketing in 2023 to be highly informative and practical. It’s evident that you’ve done your research and provided valuable tips for leveraging various digital marketing strategies. I particularly liked your emphasis on affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and content creation as effective avenues for generating income. Your suggestions align with current trends and opportunities in the digital landscape.

    I also came across another informative article by Adobe Express, titled “How to Make a Living Blogging,” which complements your insights perfectly. The Adobe Express article dives deeper into the world of blogging and offers valuable tips on how to monetize a blog effectively. It emphasizes the importance of engaging content, building a loyal audience, and utilizing various monetization strategies such as sponsored content, affiliate partnerships, and display advertising.

    Both your article and the Adobe Express resource provide a comprehensive overview of the possibilities in digital marketing and serve as valuable resources for individuals looking to capitalize on the opportunities in 2023. Thank you for sharing your expertise, and I look forward to implementing some of these strategies in my own digital marketing endeavors. Keep up the excellent work!

    Here is the link to the Adobe Express article: https://www.adobe.com/express/learn/blog/how-to-make-a-living-blogging

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