Google has dramatically improved phone search. Now you can find anything

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The American brand relies heavily on Google Lens, and for good reason. The service, based on a plethora of sophisticated algorithms, allows you to search for virtually anything you see, be it a photo or a picture, etc.

Google Lens

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Photo by Google lens

Thanks to artificial intelligence, machine learning and a giant package of source data, when it was introduced in 2017, it already had all the paper to become the best service for more than just object recognition. And as time has shown with hindsight, it works almost flawlessly.

In addition, during a recent event in Paris, Google confirmed that the new update will take Google Lens to the next level. However, at this point in time, only mobile phones running Android will benefit from the news.

“In the coming months, Google will allow any user to search for any content that is viewable on their smartphone screen. In other words, if you see it, you can track it down.”Google Europe.

Find everything on the screen

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Photo by Google lens

This gives users a unique chance to quickly and accurately search for building names, food recipes, car models or anything else. And it will also be available on a lot of websites or apps, to a much greater extent than it has been to date.

Another tweak is a feature Google showed off on Twitter. You come across certain outfits that you like. Only, what if the color doesn’t match? Then all you have to do is focus on the image, type e.g. “green” into the text box and within seconds you have literally hundreds of great tips in front of your eyes.


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