You have to see this! 3D printer company creates leaky basketball

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3D printing is the technology of the future. This new direction is literally penetrating across a variety of seemingly disparate fields. In several recent consecutive articles we have shown you its use for private purposes to diversify pastimes, in construction or medicine, or as an amazing solution to create specific prosthetic replacements for horses.

3D printing defines the future

It’s unbelievable what an individual can accomplish with an idea, diligence, and state-of-the-art technology.

With the current hot news, we’re going into sports this time. The American company Wilson is planning to enrich its own portfolio with products made using 3D printing in the near future. Don’t you believe it?

Unique basketball

Imagine that a famous sports brand has created the first functional prototype of a basketball that doesn’t need to be inflated. And it should be noted that in this context, the “3D Airless Prototype” is quite possibly the most significant innovation in basketball in the last sixty or seventy years.

Wilson used special EOS-type printers to produce it, using a resin-based powder that they laser-sinter. The end result is a perforated ball with a flexible, durable skeleton that is indistinguishable in functionality from the traditional one. Just to give you an idea, it very distantly resembles the plastic balloons we used to use in lazy tennis a long time ago.

Will the novelty find a practical use? Given the aforementioned features and the fact that players were able to try it out for themselves during the 2023 NBA All-Star Game, there is a high probability that a new era of basketball will soon begin, reports Gizmodo.

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