California Bans Diesel Trucks: Electric Future?

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California is known to be America's leading driver for cleaner air and strong support for electric mobility. It was also one of the first states to vote to ban the sale of internal combustion vehicles by 2035. The proportion of electric vehicles has increased significantly in recent years. The local administration has now set a similar target for trucks. These will be given an ultimatum by 2036.

Ban on fossil fuel trucks

The Air Quality Board unanimously approved the proposed ban. It applies to the sale of new diesel trucks after 2036. It will affect medium to large trucks. The reason for the move is both the need for change that the local climate and pollution requires, but also technological advances in electrification of just such large machines. According to the council, the time is already arriving when electric trucks are not just a theory, but can be translated in a quality way into practice.

The original limit has been shortened by four years. California is pushing hard for faster implementation of zero carbon. But local governments need to lead by example. So they have set stricter rules. As early as 2024, half of new fleets must be locally zero-emission cars. Just three years later, they won’t be able to buy any fossil fuel vehicles. Local short-haul logistics, cargo machinery and port services must be fully electrified by the end of 2024.

California Bans Diesel Trucks: Electric Future?

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California leads by example

There are also major restrictions on shipping. In particular, there are two major ports in Southern California and air pollution is well above acceptable levels. With the city of Los Angeles close by, the pressures to reduce pollution are enormous. In addition, the location in the lowlands below the mountain ranges keeps airborne pollutants in place. Central California, in turn, traps emissions from farm machinery for the same reasons.

These new rules are considered to be among the most stringent ever adopted in relation to electric mobility. For the first time, there is also talk of banning internal combustion trucks. The draft orders have already been finalised in 2020 and have support in other states. Once other aspects are finalised, it is expected that other states will set the same conditions in their territories. But California is again leading the way in a similar direction, as it has already demonstrated for cars and light-duty vehicles.

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