ChatGPT comes with a new feature to ensure user privacy

ChatGPT comes with a new feature to ensure user privacy

Artificial intelligence has been shaking up the internet for the past few months, and with its arrival, we’ve seen some difficulties alongside a number of great features and ways to use them. One of the most talked-about issues, then, concerns the US chatbot ChatGPT, which has received a lot of criticism for collecting user data. However, OpenAI has now come up with a simple feature that should solve the problem.

OpenAI solves user privacy

As reported by Reuters, users have seen a new feature that an OpenAI employee described as an anonymous mode. In a nutshell, you can turn off the Chat History & Training category in the settings, which will prevent ChatGPT from saving your conversations to your history while also drawing data from them that would otherwise be used to improve the mechanics and general functioning of the chatbot.

We will increasingly move in this direction of prioritizing user privacy,” said Mira Murati, who is chief technology officer at OpenAI. Although the company won’t be retaining the data as a result, it is giving itself a 30-month period where it will keep the conversations. The reason for this is to check chatbot abuse, and after the deadline, there will be a final deletion.

The biggest threat is the authorities

Not even a month ago, the Italian government banned OpenAI’s chatbot in the country. Although Mira Murati claims that the new feature didn’t come about because of the ban, it does address a few issues that Italy argues. In addition to data collection, officials are also bothered by the fact that there is no age restriction on the use of AI.

ChatGPT comes with a new feature to ensure user privacy

Photo by Chat GPT

While representatives of the tech company claim that only people over the age of 13 are allowed to use ChatGPT, there are no mechanics on the website to check the age of users. This goes against Italian legislation and therefore the ban is still in place. Due to similar problems, other countries have taken up the exploration of artificial intelligence from OpenAI. Namely, France and Spain.

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