Apple celebrates big win! Safari now ranks as the second most popular browser globally

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Safari, a beloved browser from the Apple brand In this regard, we deliberately avoid discussing the practical advantages and disadvantages. Today, we'll take a closer look at something else related to the default browser.

When it comes to Apple, there’s only Safari, This web browser, which is installed on Mac computers and notebooks, iPads, and of course, iPhones, has ranked a fantastic second place among the most used browsers in the world, reports.

The popular website cites a report from analytical company Statcounter, which measured browser usage based on data obtained from websites.

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This makes Safari the second most popular browser on the planet. Nearly 12% of users trust Apple in this regard. Microsoft’s Edge was right behind. It scored a solid 11 percent.

The dominant Google Chrome

And who finished first? You probably guessed it, but just for the record – the winner is Google’s Chrome. And the bounce from second and third place, respectively, is almost insane.

66.13% of users use it on their computers every day, making it an absolutely dominant player as a result. The site adds that it still holds virtually the same share as last year.

Overview of the most used browsers:

  • Google Chrome: 66.13%;
  • Safari: 11.87%;
  • Microsoft Edge: 11%;
  • Firefox: 5.65%;
  • Opera: 3.09%;
  • Internet Explorer: 0.55 %.

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