Concerned about data leaks? Samsung prohibits its employees from using ChatGPT

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Almost the entire technological world currently revolves around artificial intelligence. As it turns out, it can be a great servant, but doubts are (quite rightly) surfacing about the second part of this adage. Could AI really turn out to be the evil master? Samsung partly thinks so, and forbids its employees from using it.

Banning the use of AI in Samsung offices

With the news that the South Korean manufacturer has banned its employees from using artificial intelligence as part of their work, Bloomberg reports. This ban applies to AI as a whole, so it applies to both the notorious ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, for example.

This happened after an alleged leak of sensitive information, and Samsung also acted on the basis that some of its employees had uploaded internal source code to the AI platform. Then yesterday, the South Korean giant sent out an email to its employees regarding this new regulation.

Are AI platforms data collectors?

Samsung has concerns about how these AI platforms store and handle user data. This is because this information is stored on external servers, which makes it much harder to delete and in turn increases the possibility of disclosure.

As a result, the South Korean manufacturer has banned its employees from using these AI platforms at work, both on tablets, phones, computers, and the internal network in general. Violation of this prohibition will lead to disciplinary action and may result in termination of employment.

Samsung plans its own AI

Of course, keep in mind that this ban only applies to employees and you can use AI on your Samsung devices as you wish. At the same time, information has surfaced that the South Korean giant is working on its own AI tool, but for now it’s unknown whether it will be for internal use only or for regular consumers as well.

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