Another success story: AirTag helped find 1.1 million dollars from an armed robbery

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Apple introduced the AirTag location device two years ago. This gadget is used on the Find My network to help users find lost items. However, AirTag has been shown a few times to crack down on crime. A new case from the US shows us its strengths once again when it helped catch a burglar.

AirTag’s million-dollar notch

Apple’s AirTag already has a lot of users who use it on their house keys, on their bike or even in their car. Currently, then, thanks to the website WGN, we learn that this location assistant of the Californian manufacturer helped to find a decent amount of money. Last year, specifically on October 31st, Chicago had $1.1 million stolen from an armored vehicle and an ATM.

But as it turns out, the AirTag was the one that was placed in one bag of money. Thus, it was constantly sending the location to nearby devices even as the perpetrators were leaving the scene. This, of course, helped investigators track down the criminals and the stolen money. And the tracking was really fast. In fact, only an hour had passed since the robbery…

With AirTags Against Theft

Although AirTags are devices more for personal use, we still hear of cases where it has helped the police. In New York, for example, they decided to give out 500 AirTags as a prevention against car theft.

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