World Championship. Company brews beer from waste water, you won’t know the difference

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In California, they brewed beer using waste water from showers and sinks. The preparation is said to be better than other beers in some ways. What's behind the idea and what does the beer taste like?

Indistinguishable from other beers

Drought and the loss of fresh water are problems that plague almost every place in the world to a greater or lesser extent. Epic Cleantec and Devil’s Canyon Brewing decided to highlight the solution to this problem in the form of a beer brewed entirely from used water.

They called their product Epic OneWater Brew and according to a Guardian reporter Matthew Cantor who brought the event to their attention and tried the beer himself, “it tastes very good”. He even claims that if he didn’t know how the drink was made, he wouldn’t know any difference from the traditional way. In addition, the companies had the advantage of being able to adjust the water to the best quality, which is not always the case with other breweries.

An honourable intention

But the beer is (unfortunately) not for sale. But it has bigger goals. The authors of the project produced it primarily to bring more attention to water recycling and the potential that water reuse holds. In San Francisco, Cleantec also manages a water recycling system that every building built by 2022 must have.

Commercial use of the special drink is also not taking place because the hygiene requirements are too high and, although the healthiness of the beer has been independently confirmed, companies are still unsure whether they would meet all the conditions. Nevertheless, the project is likely to generate a lot of discussion, which is only good for the future.

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