Top New Shows & Movies on Netflix Now!

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Netflix is a very popular streaming service where you can watch countless movies and series for a subscription fee starting from 6.99 USD per month. But how do you choose what you might actually be interested in? In our regular editorial selection on, we bring you tips on new movies that are now heading to Netflix.

Queen Cleopatra

A docudrama that explores the last Egyptian ruler Cleopatra and her struggle for throne, family and legacy through reenactments and interviews with experts. Queen Cleopatra is a riveting four-part historical documentary you won’t want to miss on Netflix.

Děti Nagana

Children of Nagano is a family film starring Tom Brenton, Hynek Čermák and Klara Issová. After the Czech hockey team wins the 1998 Olympics, an 11-year-old dreamer decides to form a team with his friends and challenge the boys from the next village to a duel. What kind of adventure will he have?

Missing: Dead or Alive?

And finally, we’ve selected the new four-part series Missing: Dead Or Alive?. It’s an American, investigative film for all crime lovers. Watch as police from the US state of South Carolina frantically search for people who have disappeared under rather disturbing circumstances.

We’ve picked out the best new movies and TV shows on Netflix that you might like. Stay tuned for more in the coming week. And don’t forget to let us know in the comments below what first-run movies you’d recommend to other readers of our magazine.


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