More money, higher fees. DoorDash discriminates against iPhone users

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Unclear fees for iPhone users

DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery services in the US. However, according to a new lawsuit, the company charges iPhone users more than Android users for the exact same orders. Could there be some truth to this?

The plaintiffs argue, among other things, that DoorDash employs certain unclear fees for “delivery” or “extra distance delivery” as a way to conceal the higher prices that are subsequently charged to iPhone users.

The lawsuit’s authors provide evidence to support these claims, citing several examples where they placed identical orders from the same restaurant to the same location at the same time. Some of their findings are truly startling. The fee for extra distance delivery was consistently charged only on iPhones, even though the orders were placed to the same location from the same restaurant.

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Justification is still missing

According to the lawsuit, there is no logical reason provided for why DoorDash charges this fee. The company does not mention it on its website, nor does it respond to repeated inquiries about the fee. The situation becomes even more peculiar when a customer is subscribed to DashPass – a $10 monthly subscription that is supposed to provide free delivery.

Often, it is claimed that these customers end up paying similarly to those without DashPass. Allegedly, DoorDash adds this fee for “extra distance” delivery to the order, which is not covered by the subscription. The lawsuit also includes several screenshots purportedly proving that iPhone users and DashPass subscribers are charged higher fees compared to Android users and non-subscribers.

” Do you have more money? Pay extra ” As demonstrated by the tests above (…), DoorDash regularly charges iPhone users more than Android users for reasons unrelated to delivery costs. DoorDash likely charges iPhone users more because studies indicate that iPhone users earn more money than Android users. (…) These practices are reprehensible.”

Naturally, DoorDash disagrees with these allegations and maintains that their fees are transparent, and customers are always aware of how much and what they are paying for.

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