Mercedes E-Scooter: Style vs. Substance?

Mercedes Amg Elektrokolobezka Obr1

It has been three years since Mercedes-Benz joined the trend of introducing electric accessories alongside its full-fledged battery electric vehicles. While some presented special bicycles, Mercedes decided to venture into the realm of electric scooters. The new addition could almost be called an upgrade or an enhanced version. However, this time, the new mode of transportation bears the logo of the subsidiary company focused on high-performance machines.

Even Mercedes electric scooters undergo a facelift

The electric AMG scooter is indeed based on the original model. It shares the same 500 W motor and a maximum speed limited to 20 km/h. Perhaps one would expect more from a machine bearing the AMG emblem, but then it would not be legally usable in most countries. Since the vehicle is officially offered in the German market, it also complies with all local legislative requirements.

However, where the new model differs is in the battery used. It now has a capacity of 9.6 Ah, enabling a range of up to 40 kilometers. For comparison, the 2020 model had a range limited to 25 kilometers. Additionally, at the time of its introduction, it had only half the motor power, which has since been increased to the current 500 W.

Ordinary parameters for extraordinary prices

  • Dimensions:Approx. 105 x 108.5 x 52 cm;
  • Dimensions when folded:Approx. 105 x 32 x 14.5 cm;
  • Engine output: 500 watts;
  • Max. speed: 20 km/h;
  • Approved for road traffic;
  • Road registration (StVO registration DE): Yes (ABE – for Germany is included in the delivery package);
  • For adults aged 18 and over;
  • Load capacity up to 100 kg;
  • Weight 14 kg;
  • Range: Approx. 40 km Eco / 25 km Sport mode;
  • Charging time: up to 70% 2.1 h, 100% 3.5 h, charge the rechargeable battery at a normal 230 V socket;
  • With license plate holder, an identification plate, side reflectors and road traffic regulation-compliant lights (for the German market – please request country-specific road approval in the respective countries!);
  • Display: Yes;
  • Lighting: front and rear;
  • Brakes: 3 (1 front and 2 rear);
  • Tires: Large 200 mm PU rollers for pleasant, faster riding;
  • Made for Mercedes-Benz by micro mobility.

Mercedes aligns itself with other prominent names that have embarked on a similar path with this mode of transportation. You may recall the robust scooter from Bugatti, the electric bike from Ducati, or the electric mountain bike from the workshops of Hummer and GMC

You can probably imagine that the “performance” model comes with a special price tag compared to the regular one. And indeed, that is the case. You can acquire the folding scooter for a sum of 1,399 euros, which is a difference of 200 euros. If you are fans of this brand and its sports subsidiary companies, such an urban accessory will surely appeal to you. However, we assume that enthusiasts will have at least two vehicles of this brand in their garages and may have their eyes on a third, such as the beautiful electric model EQE AMG.

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