Breaking News! The World’s Best-Selling Car is No Longer a “Combustion Engine,” but an Electric Vehicle

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You may have heard before that “nobody wants electric cars” or that “they are completely useless”. However, this has long ceased to be true and, in fact, the opposite is now the case. According to the latest figures from JATO Dynamics, the Tesla Model Y electric vehicle is currently the best-selling car in the world, surpassing all combustion engine vehicles in the rankings.

The popularity of the Model Y continues to grow, and a significant contribution to this has been Tesla’s aggressive pricing policy. Furthermore, with Tesla’s expanding production capacity, it was only a matter of time before this electric vehicle claimed the title of the world’s best-selling car.

And now, it has happened! The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling/most popular car in the world in Q1 2023. For some time now, Tesla’s electric crossover has been leading the charts of best-selling electric vehicles. However, this is the first time that a purely electric car has also dominated the overall rankings of all car sales worldwide.

Here are the top 5 best-selling cars in Q1 2023:

  1. Tesla Model Y – 267,200 units
  2. Toyota Corolla – 256,400 units
  3. Toyota Hilux – 214,700 units
  4. Toyota RAV4 – 211,000 units
  5. Toyota Camry – 166,200 units

Toyota is losing ground in the ranking of the world’s best-selling cars, a position it has long held with its Corolla. The Corolla fell behind by approximately 45,000 vehicles, which is not a staggering difference, and this year both automakers could still compete for the overall lead.

It is worth noting that Toyota still holds four other positions, namely the Corolla, Hilux, RAV4, and Camry. However, its best-selling car, the Corolla, did not perform well in the first quarter of 2023, with sales declining by 29% in China and 10% in the USA. Other Toyota models also experienced sales declines in key markets.

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