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Huawei P60 Pro Gbox Aplikace Google

Huawei unveiled its new flagship device, the Huawei P60 Pro, during a press conference in Munich at the beginning of May. The device boasts a 48MP camera with an RYYB sensor, optical stabilization, and a variable aperture lens ranging from f/1.4 to f/4.0. With a current score of 156, it currently holds the top position in the DxOMark rankings. The major drawback of Huawei phones lies in the absence of 5G network support and the lack of Google services. While the former issue cannot be resolved, the latter can be addressed with the all-new GBox tool, which, unlike its predecessor GSpace, is completely ad-free.

GBox as a replacement for missing Google services

GBox is an unofficial tool that can be used when you need to install applications on a Huawei phone that are typically unavailable on a device without Google services. To install GBox, simply open the AppGallery, search for the tool, and download it . Upon opening the tool, you will be greeted with a user-friendly interface featuring icons of recommended and commonly used applications, such as Google Maps, YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Messages, Google Translate, Google Photos, Google Drive, and many others, including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. By clicking on the application icon, it will be installed on your device.

Below are the steps to install

To uninstall follow the steps below

Apps installed through GBox can be seamlessly logged into your Google account and used just like you’re used to from any other smartphone with Google services. Petal Search remains integrated within AppGallery, which is also a solution for downloading apps you can’t find directly in the store. Petal Search will locate the app and offer to install it from external sources.

Another advantage of GBox is its significantly lower power consumption compared to GSpace. For example, in the past the latter had a problem with the smooth running of Google Maps, especially when using navigation, plus playing videos via YouTube works stably.

Pay with your Huawei phone

Although owners of Huawei smartphones can boast the presence of NFC technology, they have not been able to use it for mobile payments for a long time. Since October 2021, however, the whole situation has fundamentally changed – the App Gallery store has launched the Curve app, which allows contactless payment in stores via NFC, so you can pay with the latest Huawei P60 Pro.

Unfortunately, this method of payment doesn’t work via Google Pay, but there is a solution in the form of the Curve app, to which you simply upload your cards and contactless payment works completely seamlessly. Of course, there’s also a payment history so you can see the movement of your money. A slight limitation is that only two payment cards can be uploaded to the Curve app as part of the free version; for a higher number you need to activate the Curve X plan, which costs €4.99 per month.

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