Tesla Cybertruck is not just for show. It is expected to surpass Model Y in sales

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No one has a bad idea about the future of Tesla’s futuristic truck, the Cybertruck. The company reports over 1.6 million reservations. The biggest challenge for Tesla remains sufficient production capacity. However, how the vehicle will perform in sales is currently a divisive topic.

Could the Cybertruck become Tesla’s best-selling vehicle? 

Despite the enormous number of reservations, some experts among analysts predict that the Cybertruck will only be a novelty or an exclusive car for a narrow group of people. To counter such pessimism, Elon Musk prepared an argument this month, stating that once production is increased to the planned capacity at all locations, he expects to sell 250,000 to 500,000 units annually.
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ARK Invest, a long-time supporter of Tesla and its growth, envisions the future of the Cybertruck on the opposite side of the market compared to, for example, Morgan Stanley. In a recent blog post by Sam Korus, the company predicted even greater popularity for the Cybertruck compared to today’s most successful Model Y. Based on their research, the company expects tremendous growth in the electric vehicle industry, up to 70% in the next 4 years

An electric pickup truck in every household?

Vehicles in this category are expected to dominate the territory of the United States and account for more than 69% of all vehicles in operation by 2050. However, purely electric variants are projected to represent only 10%. The company is therefore very optimistic and confident in the vehicle. After all, who would willingly criticize a company in which it heavily invests?

The large number of pre-orders and the continuously growing trend and demand for key search terms support the theories put forth by ARK. But are these data strong and reliable enough for such proactive support and statements? Could traditional manufacturers find themselves in trouble? Are they underestimating Tesla’s capabilities and will they start developing vehicles of a similar type?


  1. Emma Thompson

    The Cybertruck has undoubtedly generated excitement and curiosity, but whether it will become Tesla’s best-selling vehicle is uncertain. While some enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for its release, others remain skeptical about its mass appeal. It will be interesting to see how Tesla addresses production challenges and how the market responds once the Cybertruck is available for purchase.

  2. Robert Wilson

    Tesla’s Cybertruck has captured the attention of many, but it’s important to temper expectations. While the number of reservations is impressive, translating those into actual sales can be challenging. The market for futuristic trucks may not be as extensive as anticipated, and the success of the Cybertruck will depend on factors like price, features, and competition. It’s crucial to approach projections with a level-headed perspective.

  3. Matthew Thompson

    While the Cybertruck has amassed an impressive number of reservations, it remains to be seen if it will translate into substantial sales. The market for electric pickup trucks is evolving, and competition is intensifying. Tesla’s ability to navigate production challenges, meet consumer expectations, and effectively position the Cybertruck in the market will be critical in determining its long-term success.

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