Stunning new electric bikes from Porsche, but with a devilish price tag

Porsche Ebike Cross Performance
The expansion of electromobility has truly exploded! Let us now set aside the perspective of so-called directed progress, by which many opponents label the current and recent steps, pace, and determination with which the transition to fully electric vehicles is being promoted, not only in the EU. Instead, let us together explore what is happening within the Stuttgart-based automotive company.

Porsche Electric Bikes

The Electrek website reports that Porsche intends to venture into the electric bike segment. Some of you more knowledgeable enthusiasts may argue that this is not a groundbreaking novelty in this context, as the German brand already has some experience with them.

And indeed, that is the case. For instance, two years ago, Porsche introduced the devilishly fast eBike Sport and eBike Cross, embodying the vision of luxurious two-wheeled mobility. The main assets in this case were superb design and a staggering price tag.

eBike Cross Performance and High-Performance EXC

However, the latest news is more of a demonstration of collaboration rather than an attempt to have complete oversight from A to Z. Recently, the automaker completed an important acquisition, bringing under its wing the brand Greyp Bikes, known for producing super high-performance electric bikes.

The exciting news from Porsche, the eBike Cross and eBike Cross Performance, combine both impeccable design, the Porsche reputation, and high-performance features. What’s the catch? Naturally, it’s the price, but those who are familiar with the industry are well aware (smile).

Price and Availability

The more expensive of the pair starts at $14,250, excluding taxes. It features Fox Factory suspension, a new Shimano EP-801 motor, a 630Wh battery, a 12-speed gear shifter with Auto Shift technology, and three support modes – Eco, Trail, or Boost – with up to 15 customizable ride parameters.

Following the same spirit, the more powerful eBike Cross Performance EXC boasts a carbon frame, top-of-the-line Magura MT7 braking system, and almost indestructibility, as expected. And the price? Just slightly higher (meaning astronomical). The manufacturer values these bikes at $15,350.

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