Millionaire’s Youth Potion: Miracle or Monster?

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Scientists claim that in the future, humanity could commonly live to be 120 to 180 years old. Some go even further and predict up to 500 years. To what extent this is a bold hypothesis or a consideration from the realm of science fiction, we leave up to you. However, the truth is that we, as humans, simply live longer.

The key to eternal youth

Each individual has a completely individual approach to aging. There are those who accept this fact with their own grace, and there are also those who simply seek ways to temporarily defy time, whether through less invasive cosmetic enhancements or more radical plastic surgery procedures.

The same goes for the wealthy. For example, Bryan Johnson, a former Californian entrepreneur who has been involved with global brands like PayPal, eBay, and several other successful technological startups, has decided to approach his rendezvous with destiny in a very unconventional way, as reported by Bloomberg.

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Truth or mere blind faith?

He has assembled a team consisting of several dozen scientists and leading experts in nutrition, dramatically changed his eating habits to a style of “…I don’t eat what I want, but what my body wants” undergoes continuous monitoring of not only internal processes but also the condition of individual organs and overall vitality. In addition to that, he runs, exercises, maintains a strict diet, and, following the example of ancient Greeks, strives to develop both his body and spirit in equal measure.

But as if that weren’t enough, he has infusion of his teenage son’s blood plasma applied to his body. Thanks to this and other factors mentioned above, Johnson’s physical condition corresponds to that of a 35-year-old, despite the fact that he is actually ten years older, says Olivera Zolman, the head of the team responsible for the millionaire.

The effort to properly publicize the whole matter has led some experts to relativize the implementation output. They point out that everything sounds rather subjective because in this case, it is difficult to assess the age or youthfulness of organs. And this applies to photographs as well, where the entrepreneur appears anything but healthy.

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