Musk’s brilliant move: Tesla can earn billions by opening Superchargers

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Tesla's Shift towards Openness: Licensing Software and Expanding Access to Competitors and Products

Several years ago, you surely noticed Tesla’s positive stance towards making their technologies more accessible. However, the idea of offering Full Self-Driving (FSD), Autopilot, and Supercharger access seemed to fade away. Nevertheless, this topic has resurfaced.

Tesla Opens Up to the World

“Tesla is open to licensing its software and providing access to competitors and other products. We are simply aiming to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy, without hindering competition!” stated Elon Musk back then.

Last month, Tesla’s CEO revealed an agreement with Ford, granting unlimited access to the Supercharger network for Ford’s electric vehicles in both the US and Canada, as reported by InsideEVs. This move aligns with a long-term plan requested by the Biden administration.

Sharing to Accelerate the Rise of Electromobility

However, the server emphasizes that the key to the imminent expansion of the pact lies in something else. Other manufacturers are planning to fully utilize Tesla’s North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector.

And here’s the catch! Although this case involves fair play, it is still driven by commerce. The main incentive for opening the network is, of course, financial gain. InsideEVs, citing analysts from Piper Sandler, states that the amount Tesla can earn is definitely not negligible.

Experts estimate that as a result, by 2030, Musk’s automaker could earn up to $3 billion, and even reach $5.4 billion by 2032. Another benefit is seen in terms of sharing and support, as Tesla, as the dominant player, aims to collaborate with competitors to significantly accelerate the widespread adoption of electromobility.

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