Musk Eyes Potentially Habitable Exoplanet

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Elon Musk once again made waves on Twitter, potentially revealing his future pursuits. He responded to a post discussing a potentially habitable planet in a neighboring galaxy. Does Musk plan to explore planets beyond our solar system?

A planet suitable for life

On Twitter a few days ago, the Amazing Astronomy account shared a post highlighting Proxima Centauri B, a planet known to meet certain conditions for life. Elon Musk noticed this post and added his own comment.

The CEO of SpaceX wrote, “Just around the corner” Does this imply that he has had his eye on the planet for some time, or did the post inspire him to contemplate how to reach it? However, the question remains: what fascinating discoveries await there?

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What are Elon’s plans?

The mentioned planet was discovered in 2016 and is located four light-years away from us. In conversion, that amounts to several tens of trillions of kilometers (trillion = million million). Additionally, NASA states that water on the planet would neither freeze nor evaporate, which is a fundamental condition for life.

On the other hand, the planet is subjected to an enormous amount of UV radiation. Allegedly, it is up to a hundred times more intense than on Earth, making the existence of life highly unlikely. If Elon has any special plans, we will surely learn about them at the right time. However, it will certainly not be before the billionaire reaches Mars.

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