EU Pushes for Universal Phone Batteries

Previously, interchangeable batteries were a common feature in all phones and certainly had their advantages. When their capacity dropped to the point of being unusable, you simply bought a new one for a few hundred and carried on. However, such a concept no longer exists in today's era, as batteries are integrated into the chassis, making user-based replacement very difficult. But this will completely change in a few years.

Interchangeable batteries have many advantages

It is true that interchangeable batteries had more advantages than just replacing the original battery with a new one at full capacity. For example, if your phone froze, removing the battery served as a reliable way to restart and get it working again. However, due to the design, we gradually lost access to these advantages.

Manufacturers came up with a design that includes an integrated battery without easy access through a removable back cover. This was primarily done for overall structural rigidity, which was not particularly remarkable in phones with this feature. However, the European Parliament has now adopted regulations that will bring interchangeable batteries back into play.

Battery replacement in the comfort of your home As reported by PhoneArena, the European Parliament has adopted new regulations stating that manufacturers will have to offer easily replaceable batteries for their phones within the EU. This means that, if necessary, we will be able to replace the battery in the comfort of our homes without the need for specialized tools or training.

As part of this provision, the use of specialized adhesive has also been banned to facilitate easy battery removal. This regulation primarily focuses on ecology and environmental protection and is expected to come into effect in 2027. There is still a long way to go, and many things can change, but it is likely that this regulation will indeed be implemented.

What needs to be done? The fact that the European Parliament has adopted this regulation does not mean it is immediately enforceable. It will be necessary to draft the wording of the new law, approve it, and only then can it come into effect. It will be interesting to see how manufacturers cope with this, as the law may also impact specific aspects of the design (such as the type of adhesive), and it is clear that they will face significant challenges.

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  1. Michael Garcia

    Interchangeable batteries were a fantastic feature that offered practical benefits. Being able to replace a drained battery with a fully charged one was incredibly convenient. I’m glad to see that the European Parliament is stepping up to reintroduce this concept. It will undoubtedly improve user experience and contribute to a more sustainable approach to smartphone usage.

  2. Michael D

    What a lovely concept, a government that focuses on what the people and the planet need instead of what big business wants.

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