June 2023: Tips For The Best Movies And Series Newly Added On Netflix #8

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Netflix is a very popular streaming service where you can watch countless movies and series for asubscription fee starting from 6.99 USD per month. But how do you choose what you might actually be interested in? In our regular editorial selection on afronomist.com, we bring you tips on new movies that are now heading to Netflix.

Black Mirror: Season 6

Black Mirror is among the most popular series that tackle technology and future life. In previous seasons, many disturbing things have been “predicted”. Will we experience the same this time? The magnificent 6th season of Black Mirror is here, which you can watch on Netflix. – link

Our Planet II

This magnificent, ambitious documentary showcases the natural beauty of our planet and reveals how climate change impacts all living creatures. David Attenborough returns in the new season of Our Planet II, once again showing you what is happening on our planet in relation to climate change. – link

Extraction 2 

Elite member of a special forces unit, Tyler Rake, narrowly escaped death and is now embarking on another perilous mission. This time, he is rescuing a captive family from a heartless gangster. Extraction 2 is a new action film starring popular actor Chris Hemsworth. – link

Venom 2

You can now watch the explosive film Venom 2 on Netflix, starring actor Tom Hardy. The coexistence of Eddie Brock and Venom is not easy, and new threats arise: serial killer Cletus Kasady and another extraterrestrial symbiote. Don’t miss out on this action-packed blockbuster! – link

We have selected for you the currently best newly arrived films and series on Netflix that you might enjoy. In the upcoming week, you can look forward to continuations. And don’t forget to share in the comments below the article your recommendations of premiere films that you would suggest to other readers of our magazine.

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