Tesla has achieved a significant milestone with its 4680 battery cell

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Tesla is not only a pioneer but also the current leader in the field of electric vehicles. Unique manufacturing processes using Giga Press and artificial intelligence help achieve higher margins or higher production volumes. One of the important "links" in the future is Tesla's own production of the 4680 batteries.

Tesla batteries are the key to the future

Tesla 4680 batteries were introduced in 2020 at the Tesla Battery Day event, and although they were not the expected batteries that would multiply the range of electric vehicles or have other miraculous specifications, they are very important, even groundbreaking, for the automaker and the entire industry.

One of their key improvements is the new design and chemical composition, leading to a reduction in production costs by up to 50%. And that is absolutely crucial when you consider that in the future, you will be producing millions, or even tens of millions, of batteries for electric cars weekly.

Tesla has already produced 10 million 4680 batteries in Texas

Tesla is now celebrating on Twitter that it has manufactured 10 million Tesla 4680 batteries at its Gigafactory in Texas. However, we have not yet learned the much more important number, which is the current production capacity. Just for reference, 10 million Tesla 4680 battery cells would only be enough for 12,000 Model Y electric vehicles, which already utilize this battery.

If Tesla intends to gradually transition some of its vehicles to its own batteries of this type, it will still need to significantly increase its production capacities. In addition to Texas, Tesla produces 4680 cells at the Gigafactory in California and plans to start production in Nevada as well. To meet the full capacity needed for the Model Y and Cybertruck, Tesla would have to produce over 10 million batteries every week.

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