New Toyota C-HR Officially Unveiled – Stylish Hybrid, Now Also Available as a Plug-In Version

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The unconventional Toyota C-HR crossover has entered its second generation and is officially introducing itself to the world. Well, not entirely, as it is not yet certain whether it will also make its way to the American market. However, Europeans can already start saving up, as the vehicle is highly popular in these regions. The new facelifted model approaches the design of its electric sibling, enticing with a sportier appearance.

The new

Toyota C-HR seems to have taken inspiration from its predecessor and the C-HR concept that Toyota unveiled last year. The pronounced creases and lines on the doors stand out. Unconventional two-tone paintwork has also made it into series production. However, interested buyers will also have the option to choose from a more modest range of classic single-color finishes. Notably, the new C-HR model is the first Toyota to feature recessed door handles.

The interior strongly resembles the latest generation of the Prius model. However, the control elements and display are more driver-oriented, facilitating their use. Toyota certainly does not attempt to eliminate all physical controls, and that is a good thing. Even in 2023, you can still regulate the temperature and air vent direction as we have been accustomed to for decades. The main display expands to a diagonal of 12.3 inches. Subtle ambient lighting pleasantly accentuates the vehicle’s interior lines.

Toyota Chr 2023 Hybrid 002

Photo by Toyota

It will offer the brand’s most popular engines

The model will be available exclusively in hybrid configuration. Here, Toyota relies on its proven powertrains, and thus, in the base offering, it will be equipped with the faithful 1.8-liter gasoline engine unit. For an additional fee, it will be possible to opt for the more powerful 2.0-liter variant.

Both versions will initially be equipped with front-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is expected to be introduced simultaneously with the plug-in hybrid variant. For sports enthusiasts, a more powerful GR Sport version is also being prepared. It will feature a modified front grille, 20-inch wheels, and, in addition to other features, a Head-up display and a premium JBL audio system.

These are very well-known and reliable powertrains for both the European and American markets. Therefore, it is surprising that Toyota would consider cutting off the C-HR from the American market. Declining sales are likely to blame. While approximately 12,000 units of the C-HR model were sold, the new Corolla Cross model was significantly more successful (with over 50,000 units sold last year). Perhaps it could make its way across the ocean under a new name. Nevertheless, the European market remains the primary target.

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