End of Combustion Cars: 53 Countries Ban Them!

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The world is ditching gas-guzzlers and embracing a greener way to get around, with emissions lower than a sloth's energy level. Electric cars and hybrids are shrinking carbon footprints faster than a kid trying to hide their broccoli under the table. No wonder so many countries are jumping on the sustainable and snazzy electrified bandwagon!

Norway is the Elon Musk of the gang

Leading the pack is Norway, rocking the electric car game like a boss. They already sell around 80% of all cars powered solely by electricity, leaving combustion engines in the dust. By 2025, they plan to go full throttle, reaching 100% electric cars. So if you’re planning to visit Norway after that, leave your gas-guzzler at home and join the electric party!

But what about the rest of the gang? 

Well, let’s just say they’re still figuring out the charging station locations. China charged ahead with 24% of new cars being fully electric, while the EU managed a not-too-shabby 12.1% (Europe, you can do better!). Meanwhile, the United States puttered along at a mere 5.8% – seems like Uncle Sam needs an electric shock! reports the Canalys agency.

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The electric car crown goes to China, boasting a whopping 59% market share (that’s 5.9 million cars, folks!). Europe struts its stuff with a 26% share (2.6 million cars sold), and the USA brings up the rear with a modest 9% share (a measly 920,000 cars sold). Looks like China is charging ahead like a Duracell bunny on steroids!

So, buckle up, folks! The world is revving up for an electrifying ride, leaving pollution in the dust and giving Mother Nature a high-voltage hug. Get ready to join the electric revolution, because combustion cars are so last season. Vroom vroom, baby, let’s zap our way to a greener future!

Which countries and when will they ban the sale of new combustion cars?

We’ve compiled all the current information from countries around the world, and here’s the ultimate list of all the states that will ban the sale of new combustion cars and when it’s expected to happen. Of course, the list may not be final yet because more countries will hop on the bandwagon. Also, we anticipate that the dates when the ban will take effect and the exact form it will take might change.

Year 2025 
  • South Korea;
  • Norway.
Year 2030 
  • China (Hainan province);
  • Iceland;
  • Israel;
  • Singapore;
  • United Kingdom.
Year 2035 
  • Belgium (EU); 
  • Bulgaria (EU); 
  • Croatia (EU); 
  • Czech Republic (EU); 
  • Denmark (EU); 
  • Estonia (EU); 
  • Finland (EU); 
  • France (EU); 
  • Ireland (EU); 
  • Italy (EU);
  • Cyprus (EU); 
  • Lithuania (EU); 
  • Latvia (EU); 
  • Luxembourg (EU);
  • Hungary (EU); 
  • Malta (EU); 
  • Germany (EU); 
  • Netherlands (EU); 
  • Poland (EU); 
  • Portugal (EU); 
  • Austria (EU); 
  • Romania (EU); 
  • Slovenia (EU); 
  • Slovakia (EU); 
  • Spain (EU); 
  • Sweden (EU); 
  • Greece (EU); 
  • USA (some states, like California and New York); 
  • Japan; 
  • Canada; 
  • Cape Verde; 
  • Morocco; 
  • Chile.
Year 2040
  • Dominican Republic;
  • Egypt;
  • Ghana;
  • India;
  • Cambodia;
  • Kenya;
  • Mexico;
  • New Zealand;
  • Paraguay;
  • Sri Lanka;
  • Taiwan;
  • Uruguay.
Year 2050
  • Costa Rica.

So, get ready for a hilarious race against time as these countries put the pedal to the metal and kick combustion cars to the curb. It’s going to be a wild ride, with electric vehicles leading the charge and leaving fossil fuel engines in the dust. Buckle up and enjoy the hilarious journey toward a greener and funnier future!

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