Expanding Now: Musk’s Boring Co. adds 69 stations to Vegas Loop

Tesla Boring Company
One of Elon Musk's visionary plans will be much bigger than expected. The Loop project, aiming to create an unprecedented underground transportation system, will receive several new stations and tunnels. 

What is the current status of the project?

Bigger and longer Vegas Loop In May, commissioners from Clark County, where Musk’s project is being built and where the famous city of Las Vegas is located, announced the approval of construction and the establishment of new stations for the Vegas Loop. Tunnels connecting the stations are also planned.

The original plan by The Boring Company envisioned 51 stations and a tunnel network with a total length of 45 kilometers. The local government seems to have significant trust in Musk, as they are expanding the project to 69 stations and tunnels spanning over 100 kilometers.

Is the future of transportation underground? 

Currently, a total of 5 stations and less than 4 kilometers of underground track have been constructed. Ticket prices range from five to twelve dollars per ride to a specific station. The vehicles are in operation almost continuously, allowing people to take a ride at any time.

Elon Musk anticipates that the main source of income for this project will primarily be tourists who will extensively utilize the transportation for travel to hotels, bars, clubs, and casinos. However, the question remains whether the Vegas Loop can surpass public transportation or other services in terms of both price and efficiency, or if it will end up solely as a tourist attraction.

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