Netherlands First in EU to Allow Tastings of Lab-Grown “Artificial” Meat

Umele Vyrobene Maso
Netherlands has joined other countries such as Singapore and the USA, where it is possible to consume lab-grown animal meat. It became the first European Union member state to legally regulate tastings of such artificially produced meat.

Setting the trend in the food industry, Netherlands 

On Wednesday, July 5th, the Dutch government established a set of conditions that allow the consumption and tasting of artificially cultivated meat in the country. This decision opens up new possibilities for laboratories involved in meat production, enabling them to bring their products to consumers and receive feedback.

The Netherlands has always been at the forefront of this field, with several startups and laboratories in the country capable of growing meat and achieving high-quality standards. It is no wonder that many of them appreciate and welcome this change. Notable companies in this field include Meatable and Mosa Meat.

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Photo by Mosameat

Why is there such interest in lab-grown meat?

Over time, the synthesis of animal meat in laboratories has gained many supporters for several reasons. The production of this meat does not require large-scale livestock farming, which significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and, consequently, climate change. Another group of people appreciates that animals do not suffer during the process, unlike in traditional slaughter.

However, before we start encountering lab-grown meat on a daily basis, scientists will need to fine-tune several details, primarily price and taste. The production is still expensive (although prices are decreasing), and many people who have tried lab-grown meat did not find it particularly appetizing. Nevertheless, the move by the Dutch government undoubtedly accelerates the rise of this trend.

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