All set. Tesla can start building a new Gigafactory in Mexico

Tesla Gigafactory Mexiko
Governor of Nuevo León (one of the 31 Mexican states), Samuel Garcia, has announced that local authorities have completed all the approval processes, which means that the American company Tesla will be able to start construction of the new Gigafactory Mexico very soon. How long do you think Musk and his team will take to build the entire factory this time?

The new Tesla Gigafactory will produce the next generation vehicle 

The factory will be located outside of Monterrey, which is the largest city in the northeastern part of Mexico. As announced by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on February 28, Tesla has chosen Nuevo León for its plant.

The following day (March 1), Tesla Investor Day 2023 took place, where Elon Musk revealed further plans related to Gigafactory Mexico. The CEO of Tesla stated that the company will manufacture its next-generation vehicle in Mexico.

Governor Samuel Garcia recently stated, “According to the latest information, Tesla is on the verge of completing the design of the new model, which is expected to be a breakthrough in the field of electromobility.”

Tesla Model Y Vyroba Gigafactory

Photo by Tesla

Good price is the foundation of success

With the approaching start of production, the new generation of Tesla vehicles is also coming closer. If the automaker can maintain an affordable price starting at $25,000, the new model can be a major sales success.

“Although we do not yet know the exact start date, it is a good sign that all permits for construction have been approved, and the groundbreaking can take place at any time,” said Garcia.

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