BMW Introduces Affordable Electric Motorcycle for Youth. Will You Give it a Try?

Bmw Ce 02 Obr1

It’s been almost two years since BMW provided a glimpse into the future with its electric motorcycle concept, the CE 02. Now, it’s time to welcome you to the future as the concept has evolved into its production version and is ready for sale. With electric motorcycles blurring the line between motorcycles and scooters, it’s difficult to categorize the BMW CE 02.

Not quite a scooter, not quite a motorcycle 

BMW has unleashed its creativity with this model, taking the best of both worlds. The manufacturer targets the younger generation with this new release, placing it in its own category named eParkourer instead of the traditional categories. The motorcycle is designed to excel in urban environments, and BMW aims to establish its global presence while focusing on delivering a high-quality product.

With a maximum speed limited to 95 km/h (59 mph), the vehicle should comfortably handle daily commuting needs. However, long highway trips are not recommended for the CE 02. The price starts at $7,599, excluding taxes and additional fees. Despite its slightly lower performance compared to comparable scooters, the BMW CE 02 stands out with its unique design and the BMW logo, making it a distinctive creation in its own right.

Charging Only from a Socket. Even Mennekes Couldn’t Find a Spot

The head of BMW Motorrad’s design division described the motorcycle as more of a fun machine rather than purely utilitarian and practical. This becomes evident when looking at the technical specifications. The pair of batteries together offer just under 4 kWh of storage capacity. The expected maximum range is around 90 km (56 miles). With a peak power of 11 kW, it delivers a solid riding experience but can impact the actual range.

Charging is done conventionally through an adapter into a standard socket. It feels like charging a regular electric bicycle. The basic charger provides a power output of 0.9 kW, taking approximately 5 hours to charge. Optionally, a stronger 1.5 kW source can be acquired to reduce the time to around 3.5 hours. Reaching 20% to 80% capacity takes just under 3 hours, or two and a quarter hours with the stronger charger. Notable features include keyless access, reverse gear, and a USB-C charger.

Bmw Ce 02 Obr4

Photo by BMW

Isn’t It Too Little for BMW Standards?

BMW also unveiled smart glasses that will be compatible with the vehicle. It is a motorcycle version of the Head-up Display, which displays important riding data directly in the field of view. The CE 02 model will soon be joined by its larger sibling, the SE 04 MaxiScooter. It has the advantage in terms of performance and size. Unfortunately, the same applies to its price tag.

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