Stunning design, 65 km range, and the price, wow. Must-have scooter!

Navee S65 000
There is a plethora of electric scooters on the market, but there are fewer truly attractive and high-quality ones. One of the proven models is the Navee S65, which stands out with its modern and appealing design. It also impresses with its specifications, and in the current promotion, you can save a lot.

Get this fantastic electric scooter 

The Navee S65 model looks simply fantastic. The combination of a dark color scheme with striking accessories in reflective colors serves both an aesthetic purpose and enhances safety. On this scooter, you are much more visible even in poor lighting conditions, which can be extremely useful on the road.

Thanks to the suspension, you can enjoy more comfortable and stable rides. The ten-inch wheels provide confidence at higher speeds. This electric scooter can travel up to 65 kilometers, with a maximum speed of 25 km/h thanks to the 500W electric motor. However, you can also choose a safer medium mode that limits the speed to 12 km/h. You can also activate cruise control via the mobile application.

Navee S65, Specifications 
  • Dimensions: 122.6 × 55.1 × 126.4 cm 
  • Weight: 24.3 kg 
  • Power: Up to 500 W 
  • Max speed: 25 km/h 
  • Battery: 12.75 Ah 
  • Range: Up to 65 km 
  • Water resistance: IPX5
Navee S65 001

Photo by Navee Tech

Take advantage of the special discount promotion!

And now, the most important part. If you liked the Navee S65 electric scooter, don’t hesitate any longer because there is currently a special discount promotion on the Cafago e-shop, where you can get this model for a discounted price of 695 euros. Use the discount code “PFCK3” when placing your order and get a 46% discount! Shipping is free, and the product is shipped from a European warehouse, so you’ll receive it in just a few days.

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