NASA switches to electric vehicles. Astronauts will ride this futuristic vehicle

Nasa Ctv 2023 Canoo Elektromobily Obr1
Incredible "rocket" of money spent on American space projects, and yet NASA astronauts have been riding a vehicle that first started its mission back in 1984. Perhaps it's hard to believe, but it's a small step for the company and a giant leap for NASA.

NASA switches to Canoo electric vehicles In the 2022 selection process, the startup company Canoo won and now supplies NASA with a total of 3 electric vehicles – Crew Transportation Vehicles (CTVs) for crew transportation.

They will be driving, of course, at none other than the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, covering a distance of just 14.5 kilometers. They will transport four NASA astronauts, support personnel, and specialized equipment, from accommodations to the launch pad.

Nasa Ctv 2023 Canoo Elektromobily Obr2

Photo by Canoo

Vehicles also have minor modifications 

“The collaboration between Canoo and NASA focused on the safety and comfort of crews on their way to the launch pad before heading to the Moon,” said Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, Launch Director for NASA’s Artemis. “I have no doubt that anyone who sees these new vehicles will feel the same sense of pride as I do in this additional effort for Artemis crewed missions.”

During the selection process, one of the criteria was to have sufficient space in the vehicle for astronauts wearing spacesuits. NASA states that they also contributed to various aesthetic aspects of the design. Astronaut Office representatives helped choose interior and exterior markings, colors, and even wheel rims.

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