Artificial intelligence in China faces a harsh blow. Government to significantly restrict it

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Meanwhile, while guidelines and laws for AI are still being worked on around the world, China is already issuing another set of its own measures related to this new technology. What changes have the authorities there introduced?

China plans further restrictions on AI

Chinese authorities in charge of the internet and other areas of cyberspace in the country are introducing new rules to govern the use of artificial intelligence. The news is reported by the CNN website. The country is doing so just a few months after it issued its first few regulations, which we reported on in late April.

The new measures will go into effect in mid-August and are less stringent in some respects compared to the original regulations. AI models such as ChatGPT, which have been heavily restricted, will be able to be used by research institutes or other technology firms from August to advance progress. However, they will still be unavailable to the public.

Thorough control of artificial intelligence

In the published document, we find a passage that explains this relaxation. China aims to promote innovative use of AI and its development. The issuance of regulations also demonstrates that the country is currently far ahead in regulation compared to the rest of the world.

This can be attributed to the strict censorship and tight control over the population enforced by the local government. In the future, we will likely soon see chatbots originating from China, as the country will certainly not let this technology slip through its fingers.

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