Tesla to Produce Electric Bike. Survey Shows High Customer Demand

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American Tesla is considered by many people to be a leader and frontrunner in the field of electromobility, but besides electric cars, they also produce bicycles and motorcycles. In this segment, the manufacturer hasn't been particularly active so far, but that may possibly change. As indicated by a new survey, there is quite a high demand for electric bicycles and motorcycles from Tesla's workshops.

An electric bicycle from Tesla could be a big hit

Fans of the automaker, along with investors, have repeatedly requested new electric vehicles in unexplored segments such as electric motorcycles, scooters, or bicycles. While Elon Musk immediately ruled out electric motorcycles, stating that they are not sufficiently safe, he previously stated that Tesla might come up with its own model of an electric bicycle.

The website eBikes presents an interesting survey that shows a lot of customers are eager for Tesla to enter the e-bike segment. The survey even reveals that Tesla is the most desired brand for e-bike production among men. Among women, the company Tiffany & Co. scored the highest. Furthermore, customers would be willing to pay the highest amount of money for an electric bicycle from Tesla.

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What do the survey results say? 

In the survey, respondents could choose from a total of up to 69 different brands they would like to see in the electric bike segment. Besides Tesla, options included Mercedes, Audi, Marvel, Costco, Disneyland, and others. Overall, the biggest favorite was Amazon, followed by Apple in second place, and Marvel closely behind. The list of companies thus consisted of various brands both within and outside the industry.

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Preferences were influenced not only by gender but also by age. For example, millennials expressed a strong desire for an electric bike from Marvel. People were willing to pay the highest amount for an electric bicycle from Tesla, averaging around $2,200. American Tesla would not be the first car manufacturer to venture into bike production. Companies like Audi, Porsche, and BMW have already begun doing so.

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