Messi on Apple’s payroll. The Argentine striker earns commissions for subscriptions

Apple Tv Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players of all time, and his name needs no introduction to football fans. This Argentine magician owns, for example, seven Ballon d'Or awards for the best football player on the planet, as well as the recent title of World Cup champion. Just a few days ago, his arrival was announced by the team from the USA, Inter Miami. And since Apple owns the rights to the American league (MLS), you can watch Messi on Apple TV+.

Lionel Messi on Apple TV+ 

The streaming service Apple TV+ is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. This is because it offers many interesting titles. However, starting from the beginning of 2023, Apple has managed to acquire the broadcasting rights to the local MLS football league. This means that football fans will be able to watch the superstar Lionel Messi here as well.

The foundation is an Apple TV+ subscription

 In this case, your monthly subscription for the American league will cost $12.99. A so-called season ticket will cost $39.

Marketing is running at full speed Messi is a huge marketing asset (not only) for the American market. It is clear that Apple will attract a lot of customers because of him. The California giant is well aware of this and is enticing its new football acquisition through successful billboards.

Apple Messi Obr

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Messi on Apple’s payroll

Not only will the Argentine forward help popularize football in the USA, but he will also earn a royal income from it. In addition to his astronomical salary from Inter Miami, which is owned by another football legend, David Beckham, Messi will also receive a percentage from every MLS Season Pass subscription. It could be said that Apple also played a role in bringing Messi to the USA.

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