New Bolt 6 scooter seats 2, impresses with 90km range

Bolt 6 Elektrokolobezka Obr2
Electric scooter Bolt 6 prioritizes rider and pedestrian safety with cutting-edge technologies. This tech-savvy machine can detect tandem riding, skidding, and abrupt braking, while instantly recognizing accidents or collisions.

Bolt 6 is packed with advanced features

Similarly, the scooter’s sensors identify tilting over 15 degrees during parking, alerting the rider to stabilize it and prevent falls. The obligation to photograph parked scooters remains, but Bolt 6 implements AI-based real-time checks for proper parking.

With the widest board in its class, the new scooter ensures a comfortable and secure riding position. Its exceptional stability is attributed to a low center of gravity from the battery beneath, robust suspension, and a larger front wheel over 30 centimeters in diameter.

Bolt 6 Elektrokolobezka Obr1

Photo by Bolt 6

End of discarded non-functional scooters? 

Among the intriguing innovations in the new scooter is its self-diagnostic capability. Bolt 6 alerts the service team about technical issues and automatically plans maintenance, ensuring all scooters on the streets are in top technical condition.

Similarly, the e-scooter’s firmware can be updated or expanded with new features independently by Bolt’s engineers, as the machine is developed in-house, free from third-party supplier dependencies.

Bolt 6: Specifications 
  • Battery: 1.1 kWh; 
  • Range: 90 km; 
  • Max. Speed: 25 km/h; 
  • Expected Lifespan: 8 years.

Sustainability takes the spotlight!

Bolt’s developers paid great attention to sustainability. The new scooter features a 1.1 kWh vandal-resistant battery, allowing it to cover 90 km per charge. Bolt 6 requires fewer charges, reducing service vehicle trips, and thus lowering the machine’s carbon footprint.

When can we expect it? The first 1,000 new Bolt 6 electric scooters will hit the streets in Lisbon, Riga, and Tallinn this July, with more countries set to join next year.

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