TV in a Suitcase? LG Unveils the Most Intriguing Curiosity of the Year

LG StanbyME Go TV
While LG sadly no longer produces smartphones, the tech giant remains firmly entrenched in the world of technology. Although it exited the smartphone market a few years ago, LG continues to excel in the realm of screen development and television production, consistently ranking among the top players in the industry. Moreover, LG is not afraid to explore new frontiers, as evidenced by its latest innovation – a television that can practically be packed for your travels.

Introducing the Portable LG TV

In today’s era, televisions are often considered static fixtures, positioned in a designated spot within the home, seldom to be moved. When content consumption shifts to a different location, people usually turn to smartphones, laptops, or tablets. The same goes for scenarios like camping trips. Yet LG decided to challenge this convention, aiming to provide customers with a television that can accompany them on their journeys. The result is the new LG StandbyMe Go, a television that can be neatly folded into a compact suitcase.

With this innovation, you can now carry your TV virtually anywhere, even setting it up under a tent while camping. The suitcase houses a fold-out mechanism that transforms the TV into its standard viewing position, offering the comfort of an ideal viewing angle for your content.

Lg Stadbymego Obr

Photo by LG TV

Superior Viewing Experience Of course, the key factors for any television are its resolution and size. The LG StandbyMe Go boasts a 27-inch screen with Full HD resolution, ensuring a crisp and vibrant display. The TV is enhanced with technologies like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and Apple AirPlay, elevating your viewing experience to new heights. The suitcase also includes proprietary charging options for conveniently powering up the TV. On a single charge, the TV can provide up to 3 hours of playback time.

Currently available for international pre-order at $1,000, LG is sweetening the deal by offering customers a complimentary 360° speaker valued at 200USD for each pre-order.

Innovative, versatile, and designed for those who seek entertainment wherever they go, the LG StandbyMe Go is setting a new standard for portable entertainment solutions.

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