Toyota’s Unique Approach: Manual Transmission in an Electric Car?

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In a world increasingly dominated by electric vehicles, Toyota is making an audacious move to preserve the legacy of manual transmissions. While the current trend is a rapid shift towards electric powertrains, the art of manually shifting gears has been dwindling. Many new vehicles, even those with conventional engines, roll off production lines equipped exclusively with automatic transmissions. But how does Toyota plan to incorporate manual shifting into an electric motor, which inherently lacks the need for a transmission?

Insights from Patent Documents

Recently disclosed patent documents shed light on Toyota’s endeavor to develop a manual transmission experience for electric vehicles. One crucial aspect is replicating the behavior of a conventional manual gearbox when a vehicle can “stall” in certain situations, a familiar scenario for manual transmission drivers. Toyota aims to make this system remarkably authentic.

However, it’s essential to note that the entire manual shifting process is a simulation. Different gear positions will alter the motor’s performance characteristics, including power and torque output. Toyota intends to provide drivers with more information through digital tachometers and idle speeds. For instance, if you are inconsistent with the clutch during acceleration, the vehicle will electronically disconnect the electric motor temporarily, creating the sensation of a “stall.” Whether this scenario will also feature auditory cues remains unspecified in the documents.

Toyota Prototyp Elektricky Supersport 002

Toyota GR electric sports car prototype | photo: Toyota

Fidelity of the Driving Experience

The patent documents don’t delve into such nuances. In a traditional manual vehicle, restarting involves turning off the ignition and repeating the process. While the specifics are not outlined, the development aims to offer drivers a dose of authenticity reminiscent of the days when shifting gears was second nature, and a lack of proficiency meant difficulty starting and driving the vehicle.

However, because this technology is designed for fully electric vehicles, it also offers the option to bypass the simulation entirely, allowing drivers to enjoy the comforts of modern driving. Toyota’s approach to electrification has been notably cautious, contrasting with other automakers who have rapidly shifted towards electric vehicle production. Toyota seems keen on preserving the joy and engagement of conventional vehicles for as long as possible.

Moreover, Toyota intends to maintain a range of combustion-engine vehicles, predominantly hybrid, in its lineup for as long as feasible. This indicates that the return of manual transmission could be another element in Toyota’s strategy to uphold the automotive industry as we know it, ensuring a diverse and engaging driving experience for enthusiasts.

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