Nissan Faces Another Setback: Recall of 10,000 Electric Vehicles

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It seems like Nissan is once again grappling with a significant issue. The Japanese automaker has issued a recall for thousands of electric vehicles due to a problem with their inverters. This problem has the potential to render the affected cars inoperable and uncontrollable, posing a serious safety concern. Let's delve into what went wrong and how Nissan plans to address this issue.

Nissan Recalls 10,000 Vehicles for Repairs

Not too long ago, Nissan had to recall its Ariya electric vehicles in March of this year due to a concerning problem: the steering wheel could unexpectedly detach. However, this time, Nissan faces a much larger setback. The automaker is recalling nearly 10,000 electric vehicles, a significantly higher number than before.

The issue is reportedly related to a faulty inverter software that can lead to unexpected shutdowns of the electric vehicle. According to reports from September 8th, precisely 9,813 Nissan Ariya vehicles have been affected. This problem was predominantly observed in vehicles manufactured between June 17, 2022, and May 19, 2023. Nissan initially identified this problem in January of last year.

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Identifying the Problem

Nissan’s investigation has revealed that the affected electric vehicles experience a short circuit in two slip rings. Due to this short circuit, the inverter detects overcurrent and reduces the motor’s torque as a safety measure. This results in the vehicle unexpectedly shutting down, with an “EV System Off” message appearing on the instrument cluster.

The torque remains disconnected from the wheels until the mode is turned off, requiring the vehicle to be turned off and on again. Although the number of incidents has not been extensive, Nissan has decided to recall all potentially affected vehicles. Owners of these vehicles will be notified starting from October 20th. Nissan assures that the repair process should take no longer than an hour.

This recall serves as a reminder of the importance of rigorous quality control and safety measures, especially in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle market. Nissan’s swift action to address this issue should help ensure the safety and reliability of its electric vehicles moving forward.

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