Volkswagen to Build Battery Component Factory in Poland

VW Battery Recycling Plant 1
Volkswagen is set to establish a battery component factory in Poland through its subsidiary, Ionway, in collaboration with the Belgian company Umicore. Here are the details.

Volkswagen’s New Battery Component Factory

The decision has been made: German automotive giant Volkswagen will manufacture battery components for its electric vehicles in Poland. Ionway, a subsidiary established by Volkswagen in partnership with the Belgian group Umicore, will produce active cathode materials on Polish soil.

The Polish government is strongly supportive of this factory construction, as it is expected to create approximately 900 jobs in the local job market by the end of the decade. According to Ionway CEO Thomas Jansseun, the company’s total investment is estimated at around €1.7 billion (PLN 41.5 billion). The factory is planned to be located in the southern part of the country in the city of Nisa.

Polsko Ionway

Plan of the Ionway factory in Poland | photo: Volkswagen

When Will the Factory Be Operational?

According to available information, preparations are already underway at the construction site, with the final permits being secured. Construction is set to commence immediately thereafter, with production likely to begin in 2025, according to estimates.

The material to be manufactured in the factory will be utilized by Volkswagen in the production of batteries for its electric vehicles. In total, the factory is expected to have the capacity to supply material for the production of batteries for up to 2.2 million electric vehicles annually. The strategic location of the factory, situated right next to the operational Umicore factory, also plays in favor of the companies involved.

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