Toyota’s View on EVs in Australia: A Contradiction Exposed by Tesla

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During the unveiling of the revamped bZ4X electric vehicle, Toyota representatives made a statement suggesting that electric cars might not be the ideal choice for certain regions, specifically highlighting the vast expanse of Australia. However, this viewpoint is contradicted by the striking success of Tesla's Model Y, which has become the best-selling vehicle in the country. Toyota now finds itself in an uncomfortable position.

Toyota’s perspective is that Australia may not be suitable for electric vehicles, and they assert that hybrid cars are a more practical choice for the local population. Sean Henley, Vice President of Toyota Australia’s Vehicle Sales, emphasized this stance in an interview with the Australian platform Car Sales. It’s no secret that Toyota has been increasingly promoting its hybrid models over purely electric ones, and this strategy has been validated by their remarkable sales figures.

According to Toyota, electric vehicles are most relevant in countries and regions where electricity is primarily generated from renewable sources, and the population enjoys higher incomes. They cite Norway as an example. However, Toyota maintains that Australia’s situation is distinct from that of European countries.


Photo by Toyota

Tesla’s Australian Triumph

Contrary to Toyota’s viewpoint, the remarkable success of Tesla’s Model Y in Australia paints a different picture. The Model Y has outperformed all other vehicle models in the country, regardless of propulsion type, even surpassing the popular Toyota RAV4, Ford Ranger, and Mazda CX-5. This achievement underscores the evolving landscape of electric vehicles in Australia.

Recognizing this transformation, Sean Henley revises his position, acknowledging the need for a more cautious approach to hybrid vehicle adoption. To secure its standing in the Australian market, Toyota is accelerating its development efforts in the electric vehicle segment, with plans to launch a range of electric-only models by 2026. The upgraded bZ4X model is set to hit the Australian market in February next year, signifying Toyota’s response to the shifting automotive landscape in the country.

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