Toyota to launch six new BEVs in Europe by 2026

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Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is poised to make a significant statement in the European automotive landscape, unveiling ambitious plans to introduce six new battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) in Europe by 2026. This expansion marks a pivotal step in Toyota's commitment to a sustainable future for transportation, significantly expanding its current EV lineup to 15 zero-emission models.

Unveiling Upcoming BEV Concepts

TME’s current BEV lineup features the bZ4X, a compact SUV that debuted in 2022, garnering positive reception from both critics and consumers. To further ignite the EV revolution, the company has showcased two enticing concept vehicles: the Urban SUV Concept and the Sport Crossover Concept.

The Urban SUV Concept, slated for European launch in 2024, shares the bZ4X’s platform, ensuring a familiar driving experience. However, it is expected to be slightly smaller and more affordable, catering to a wider range of consumers seeking a practical and budget-friendly EV option.

Sport Crossover Concept

Conversely, the Sport Crossover Concept, scheduled for 2025, embodies a more stylish and performance-oriented approach, appealing to those seeking a dynamic driving experience. Its sleek design and powerful stance hint at a thrilling driving experience, catering to those who prioritize performance and style.

Toyota’s EV Portfolio: Innovation and Diversity

In addition to these captivating concepts, TME has unveiled a series of BEVs in the pipeline, including the Lexus LF-ZC concept and the Toyota FT-Se concept. These concepts provide a glimpse into Toyota’s vision for the future of EVs, showcasing innovative designs and advanced technologies.

Toyota Ft Se

Photo: Toyota FT se

Among these, the Toyota FT-3e stands out as a technical study exploring a range of cutting-edge technologies for future electric vehicles. The concept embodies Toyota’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of EV development, incorporating features that could revolutionize the EV landscape.

More info: Toyota Newsroom

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