Volkswagen ID.2all SUV: Affordable Electric Crossover Coming in 2025

Volkswagen ID2all SUV Silhouette
Volkswagen is making a bold statement in the electric vehicle market with the introduction of the ID.2all SUV, a compact crossover that promises to blend affordability, performance, and stylish design

The ID.2all SUV is set to hit the roads in 2025, offering a range of up to 450 miles on a single charge and a starting price of around $30,000, making it a direct competitor to the Tesla Model Y.

Boasting a sleek, aerodynamic design that echoes the ID.2all hatchback, the SUV promises to offer a spacious and comfortable cabin that can accommodate up to five passengers. 

The interior will feature a minimalist aesthetic, with a focus on functionality and intuitiveness. 

The large touchscreen infotainment system will be the focal point of the cabin, providing access to a host of features, including navigation, music streaming, and vehicle controls.

Powering the ID.2all SUV will be a single electric motor that produces a respectable 200 horsepower. 

This will provide ample acceleration and cruising power for everyday driving, while also ensuring efficient fuel consumption. 

The SUV’s MEB platform, which it shares with the ID.2all hatchback, is known for its robust construction and impressive range. 

With a targeted range of up to 450 kms on a single charge, the ID.2all SUV is well-equipped for longer journeys.

Features and Safety

In addition to its generous range and performance capabilities, the ID.2all SUV is packed with advanced safety features that prioritize the well-being of its occupants. 

These features include automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. 

These features work in tandem to provide drivers with enhanced situational awareness and reduce the risk of accidents.

Volkswagen ID.2all SUV: Affordable Electric Crossover Coming in 2025

Pricing and Availability

While Volkswagen has not yet announced the official pricing for the ID.2all SUV, it is anticipated to start under $30,000.

This makes it a highly competitive option in the electric SUV market, as it undercuts the starting price of the Tesla Model Y by a significant margin. 

The SUV is expected to go on sale in the United States in 2025, giving potential buyers ample time to save up for this exciting new model.

The Volkswagen ID.2all SUV is poised to shake up the electric SUV market with its combination of affordability, performance, and stylish design. 

With a starting price of around $30,000 and a targeted range of up to 450 kms on a single charge, the ID.2all SUV is a compelling choice for consumers looking for an electric crossover that won’t break the bank. 

The SUV’s sleek design, spacious interior, and advanced safety features further enhance its appeal, making it a strong contender in the increasingly crowded electric vehicle market. 

As we move into 2025, the ID.2all SUV is set to make a significant impact on the way we think about electric transportation.

Source: VW Newsroom

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