Volkswagen Golf (2024) returns to physical buttons, gets ChatGPT, and more

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Volkswagen Golf is a bestseller that will continue in 2024. However, in previous years, some opinions say that the German manufacturer took a wrong step, for example, when he switched to sensor-based, haptic buttons for this model and thus cut out classic control via physical buttons. Even the infotainment and its control, which is predominantly via a touchscreen, was not 100% thought out.

What will change with the new Golf 2024, when will it be released and what will its specifications be?

Volkswagen Golf (2024)
» 1. Naming
» 2. Release Date
» 3. Design
» 4. Interior
» 5. Variants, Equipment, Specifications
» 6. Price and Availability


The new Golf in 2024 will build on the current Golf 8th generation, so we can meet with the designation Golf 8.5. However, the latest facelift of the Golf will most likely go on sale as simply the new Golf, or Golf (2024).

Release date

The presentation of the new Golf (2024) is expected to take place in the coming weeks, the specific date has not been announced to the public yet. Given that it is already 50 years since the Volkswagen Golf has been on sale, we can expect bigger celebrations of this most successful VW brand car.


As for the design, Volkswagen did not keep it a secret. At the CES 2024 trade fair, although a masked Golf is exhibited from the outside, it was already possible to see the design of the Golf GTI (2024) through the touchscreen of the multimedia system. It is a partial facelift, but not dramatic.

At first glance, we can notice a partially redesigned grille, where in the case of the front bumper there is an enlarged opening with a honeycomb pattern. Overall, the design is smoother and has, for example, slightly redesigned headlights, or a new design of alloy wheels, which may resemble the characteristic wheels from the Octavia RS. At the rear, the lighting was slightly changed and two exhaust tips remained.


For customers, perhaps the most important change in the new Golf (2024) will be the redesigned interior. In it, Volkswagen is returning to physical buttons after a failed experiment in the form of sensor-based, haptic buttons on the steering wheel that annoyed drivers.

The touchscreen will still be used primarily for control, but with improved graphics and control system. Everything should be much more intuitive and simpler. In addition to the existing voice assistant, the artificial intelligence ChatGPT will also be added, which you can ask anything not only in connection with the car, but in general.


Variants, equipment, specifications

The Volkswagen Golf (2024) will arrive in addition to basic variants and equipment also in the sporty GTI version.

It is speculated that the top trim level could have its power increased from 245 to 265 horsepower, while it would still be a four-cylinder two-liter 2.0 TSI. It is not clear whether the two-clutch automatic DSG will also be available for configuration in addition to the manual transmission.

Price and availability

The price and availability of the Volkswagen Golf (2024) are not known at this time.

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