Beware of the Cyber Guillotine: How Tesla’s Cybertruck Can Chop Off Your Fingers

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When Tesla finally started selling its Cybertruck last year in November, after years of delays, there was a huge excitement. However, as it began to reach ordinary customers, it was replaced by a feeling of disappointment. We have already written about the terrible workmanship and non-functional parts. Now, several YouTubers decided to test whether the Cybertruck can prevent slamming the doors.

Anyone who has experienced something like that will confirm that it is a terrible pain. In the case of the Cybertruck, however, there is also a risk of lifelong mutilation.


Car and guillotine in one

The first and perhaps the most complex test comes from Out of Spec Reviews. The video published on YouTube shows how the Cybertruck is subjected to a series of tests with carrots, hot dogs, bananas, and other foods that resemble fingers. The first in line was the front trunk test. If the carrot was placed in the front center, the trunk lid wedged it, but it managed to pull it out. 

However, it does not always happen that you leave your fingers just under the front edge of the hood. God forbid, if you leave it in the back of the front luggage compartment of the Cybertruck, where it meets the A-pillar. The electric closing mechanism completely destroyed the carrot here and cut off a large piece of it with the corner of the hood.

The same test was performed with the direct competitor of the Cybertruck, the electric pickup Rivian R1T. In its case, a thinner carrot was used and the hood immediately recognized the obstacle and opened again, without leaving a trace. It is not exactly clear why the Cybertruck can close a finger-like object like this. Perhaps its motor measuring the load when opening and closing the luggage compartment cannot detect a small change in pressure of the carrot due to the location of the pivot point, while Rivian somehow can. 

The manual says: “Watch your fingers”

To be fair, the user manual from Tesla explicitly warns owners to make sure that “all hands and other objects are out of the front luggage compartment before closing it.” Given the damage done by the sharp edge to the carrot, however, it is only a matter of time before someone becomes a victim of the so-called Cyber Guillotine.

How dangerous is the Cybertruck’s front trunk?

The front trunk, or frunk, is a feature that many electric vehicles have, as they do not need a traditional engine under the hood. The frunk can provide extra storage space and convenience for drivers and passengers. However, the frunk can also pose a safety hazard, especially if it does not have a proper sensor or mechanism to prevent it from closing on someone’s fingers or hands.

The Cybertruck’s frunk seems to be particularly dangerous, as it has a very sharp and heavy metal lid that can exert a lot of force and pressure. The video by Out of Spec Reviews demonstrates how easily the frunk can crush and cut through various foods that mimic the shape and texture of human fingers. The results are gruesome and disturbing, and they raise serious questions about the safety and quality of the Cybertruck.


How does the Cybertruck compare to other electric vehicles?

The Cybertruck is not the only electric vehicle that has a frunk, but it seems to be the only one that has such a poor and risky design. The video also shows how the Rivian R1T, another electric pickup truck, handles the same test. 

Unlike the Cybertruck, the Rivian R1T has a frunk that can detect when there is an obstacle in the way and stop closing. The frunk also has a softer and rounder lid that does not cause any damage to the food items.


Other electric vehicles, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Tesla Model 3, and the Volkswagen ID.4, also have frunks that are equipped with sensors and mechanisms that prevent them from closing on fingers or hands. These frunks are also made of lighter and smoother materials that do not pose a threat of injury. Therefore, the Cybertruck seems to be an outlier and a failure in terms of frunk safety and design.

What can you do to avoid the Cyber Guillotine?

The Cybertruck is a controversial and polarizing vehicle that has attracted a lot of attention and criticism. One of the most serious issues that the Cybertruck has is its frunk, which can function as a guillotine and chop off your fingers if you are not careful. The video by Out of Spec Reviews shows how the frunk can easily crush and cut carrots, sausages, bananas, and other finger-like foods.

If you are a Cybertruck owner or a potential buyer, you should be aware of this risk and take precautions to avoid the Cyber Guillotine. Here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Always check the frunk before closing it and make sure that there are no objects or body parts inside.
  • Do not place your fingers or hands near the edge or corner of the frunk lid, as they are the most dangerous spots.
  • Do not let children or pets near the frunk, as they may not be aware of the danger and may get hurt.
  • If possible, avoid using the frunk altogether and use the rear trunk or the bed instead, as they are safer and more spacious.
  • If you have any problems or concerns with the frunk, contact Tesla and ask for a repair or a refund.

The Cybertruck may be a futuristic and innovative vehicle, but it also has a fatal flaw that can cost you your fingers. Be careful and stay safe from the Cyber Guillotine.

Source: This article is based on the video by Out of Spec Reviews

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