How to Protect Your iPhone and Data from Thieves with iOS 17.3

IOS 17.3 Feature

On Monday, Apple released the long-awaited update of its mobile operating system, iOS 17.3.

If you have downloaded it, or are planning to do so, don’t forget to turn on a new security feature (which is unfortunately not enabled by default – ed. note), which will significantly increase the security of your iPhone and your data.

Enable Device Theft Protection

Apple thought of data protection with the latest update of iOS 17.3. If someone steals your phone, they can access almost everything and change your login details to your account with the help of a security code, which they can steal, for example, if you have it written somewhere or they observe it over your shoulder.

However, this is changing now, as device theft protection adds a new layer in the form of biometric protection, which prevents changes to your account outside of known places such as home or work. Face ID and a set delay are required to access certain types of data and prevent quick changes in security settings.

In other words, it is not so easy and certainly not fast to steal an iPhone and an account together, so its owner can still access it for some time and remotely track, erase and mark the device as stolen, making it useless to thieves.

How do you turn on the new feature on your iPhone?

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to the “Face ID and Code” menu;
  • Turn on the “Device Theft Protection” option.

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