Alfa Romeo Goes Electric: Meet the New Milano Crossover

Alfa Romeo Milano EV 001
Alfa Romeo is soon joining the ranks of brands offering electric vehicles. On April 10, the official presentation of the crossover named Milano will take place. To avoid unwanted leaks, the Italian manufacturer brings the first information and a closer look at the vehicle under camouflage straight from the first hand.

Alfa Romeo Milano is Coming

As usual for the Alfa Romeo brand, its vehicles are sold mainly in Europe. Customers outside this area will have to rely only on individual imports. It is a close relative of the Jeep Avenger. It has a similar sales fate. Since both vehicles belong to the garage of one owner, they will also share many technical solutions. In size, Alfa Romeo Milano will rank under the plug-in hybrid large crossover Tonale.

Alfa Romeo does not want to deprive customers of its first electric vehicle of any of the usual driving elements. Therefore, it attaches the same importance to development as to sports projects of the 4C and 8C vehicles. The vehicle will receive all the care that is strictly related to the driving performance of the Turin automaker. 

The vehicle will offer the best dynamics and steering response in its class. Alfa did not do a very thorough job with the camouflage, so even through it you can spot some typical elements.

Alfa Romeo Milano EV 002

Alfa Romeo Milano EV with camouflage | photo: Alfa Romeo

Battery Will Replace the Smell of Gasoline

The front grille will get a traditional triangular shape. To make Alfa Romeo Milano look more powerful on its more subtle size, it gets 20″ aluminum wheels with low-profile Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires. They are known for their ability to perform more sporty.

Milano model will be produced primarily as a battery electric vehicle. It should be powered by an electric motor mounted on the front axle with a power of 154 horsepower. With a battery capacity of 54 kWh, the range should be around 400 kilometers. But fans of traditional propulsion can also look forward to it, as a combustion version is also planned. It is likely to involve a hybrid unit, which Milano could again share with Jeep. You can get it with a 1.2 l gasoline engine with three cylinders and a system output of 154 horsepower.

Source: Arena EV

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